20 Services of a Professional Roofer Houston Homeowners can Benefit from

Small corrective repairs are often seen as a low-priority home improvement project. Experts warn though that this mentality can cost you. Don’t make the mistake of calling at the last minute for a roofer, Houston. Early repairs can save you from more expenses later on.

Roof replacement is not and should not be your first and last resort! You might still be able to save your roof and your hard-earned money. Here are 20 services that are usually bundled in a roofing contract. See which ones your home could use:

  1. Conducting periodic surveys
  2. Tracing leaks and ensuring that your roof is watertight
  3. Diagnosing possible issues
  4. Identifying the main problem areas and weakest part of your roof
  5. Troubleshooting problems and presenting solutions
  6. Performing emergency repairs
  7. Coming up with project estimates and ensuring that you are billed correctly based on the current prices of roofing materials
  8. Coordinating with the manufacturer for roof material acquisition and delivery
  9. Unloading the materials to the work site (your home) with minimal risks and waste
  10. Using the right tools, equipment, and paraphernalia (such as traction boots) to make roofing activities as efficient and as safe as possible
  11. Repairing flashings
  12. Replacing decks and surfaces
  13. Caulking crack lines and nail holes in shingles
  14. Reinforcing loose shingles with roofing cement and nails
  15. Sweeping roofing debris before a project
  16. Ensuring that the work area is clean after a project
  17. Unclogging downspouts and drains
  18. Cleaning the gutters
  19. Taking care of garbage hauling and – where possible – recycling
  20. Facilitating the enforcement of warranties

Don’t let a roof replacement project wipe out your savings. Stop problems before they happen by calling a professional roofer Houston homeowners trust. So tell us, does your roofer do all 20? Please use our comment box to leave a reply. We’d love to hear from you!