4 Places to Check for a Roofer Houston Homeowners Can Rely On

Most households prefer to deal with a roofer who has the license to practice his trade. If you’re in Texas however, this could be a challenge since the state does not have formal licensing requirements. So, how do you find a roofer Houston homeowners like you can rely on?

Do not despair. Just because Texas doesn’t issue roofing licenses does not mean that the state lacks the experts to service your home. Here are 4 good places to find the cream of the crop:

  • Your neighborhood. Nobody would know how to repair your roof better than a local contractor. Be ready to search for prospects with a good reputation, visible projects in the community, and a long list of satisfied clients (your neighbors).
  • GAF. North America’s largest maker of roofing products has a special list of contractors who are screened and certified to install roofing systems. Check if your roofer made the cut. GAF’s screening process is very selective.
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB). Poor reputation is hard to cover up these days. Visit the BBB site to check the reputation of prospective roofing contractors. Chances are, if the company garnered an A+ trust rating from the bureau and the reviewing members, you too can trust the roofer.
  • Professional Organizations. Do you believe that you can tell a person from his friends? Well, the same thing is true with contractors. The reputable ones are usually affiliated with recognized organizations and associations. Consider going through the member listings of:
    • Greater Houston Builders Association
    • National Association of Home Builders
    • Roofing Contractors Association of Texas
    • Texas Association of Builders

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