4 Problems That Hardiplank Siding Houston TX Experts Can Fix

A full-scale siding project can cost thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, once the material begins to deteriorate, your investment could become a liability. You do not want this to happen too soon!

Remember: The choice of material is an important factor to consider in any home improvement project. If you would like to maximize your investment and stretch its useable life a tad longer, don’t just go for looks or price. Heed the advice of siding Houston TX contractors: Go for hardiplank.

Manufactured by James Hardie, hardiplank takes care of the following problems which typically speed up aging in wood, vinyl, and masonry:

  • Mechanical damage. Thick panels made of cement, sand, and wood fiber make the hardiplank less prone to dents, chips, and cracks.
  • No moisture retention. The hardiplank relies on Color Plus technology or primed paint coating to prevent water from soaking the siding and triggering mold growth. Holes will still need to be caulked, but compared to wood, fiber cement is less porous.
  • Fire. Temperature highs can cause vinyl to melt and wood to deform. With fiber cement, things are different. The sand in hardiplank helps to slow down fire damage. Sand is known to “starve” fires of oxygen and absorb oil to prevent flames from spreading.
  • Termites. Fiber cement is not impervious to termite attacks; it just does not provide the ideal conditions for termites to thrive. The structural pests prefer to feed on wood and build colonies in moist places.

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