Are Your Houston Windows Due for Replacement? 7 Signs to Check

Recurrent problems in your home suggest that it may be time to replace your old windows. Left unaddressed, minor issues can cost you in the long run: electric bills, safety, convenience, and looks.

In fact, there are instances when getting new vinyl windows in Houston will prove to be more practical than keeping your old favorites. Listed below are some things for you and your contractor to confirm.

  1. Given the same appliances you use every day, you’re paying more for your power consumption than your neighbors.
  2. You are afraid someone could smash your windows and break into your home.
  3. Every few years, you allocate funds for repainting the sashes and casing. You also find yourself calling in the pest exterminators for assistance.
  4. Weather changes affect your ease of operating the windows. Sometimes, they are fairly easy to open and close. At other times, they slide easily in the jamb.
  5. Your home’s indoor temperature swings with the season. During summer, the house heats up like an oven. During winter, the house turns uncomfortably cold.
  6. Any furniture positioned directly in front of your windows gets a sudden death sentence. The piece warps and fades faster than those which are out of the sun’s way.
  7. Condensation build-up is so severe in your windows that it fogs the glass and obstructs your view.

Do any of the above problems describe your recurrent dilemma? We can help! Unlike the builder-grade vinyl windows Houston companies market, our crew uses only Simonton’s Southern Legacy elite vinyl windows which are specifically designed to address your power consumption, security, maintenance, and home insulation needs. For a no-obligations cost estimate, call us at (281) 358-2553 or complete our Quote Request form at your most convenient time.