Covered Patios Houston: 3 Reasons To Call All-Tex

Adding a patio cover to your home is a surefire way to boost your property’s market value without spending a lot of money. It is also a highly marketable asset for your house given Houston’s hot and humid weather. However, the value of a patio cover largely depends on the quality of its installation.

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Here are three good reasons why working with us is the best choice:

  1. Custom-built covered patios with additions that suit your needs
  2. Professional patio cover designer services – for free
  3. Expert installation services for your peace of mind

1. Custom-Built Covered Patios Houston

— Make the most out of your investment by getting a custom-built cover.

Aside from looking better – integrated seamlessly into your home – custom covered patios Houston can be built to include additions that will make your patio more comfortable.

Our patio cover experts can customize your patio cover to add the following fixtures:

  1. Custom columns for sturdier, more stylish patios
  2. Ceiling fans to keep heat at bay
  3. Insulated roof to keep the noise and heat levels down
  4. Electricity lines, phone and other utilities for increased convenience
  5. Gas lines for your dream outdoor kitchen


2. Professionally Designed Patio Covers

— If you’re like most homeowners, a covered patio is a late addition to your home. To ensure that it is integrated seamlessly into your house’s design, it’s best to work with a designer.

We employ some of the best patio consultants in Houston who can help you design your dream patio for free.

Our patio cover experts will conduct on-site inspections prior to the project and give you a free quote.

You can talk with our consultants about your design preferences. They’re also quite handy with suggestions regarding style and material choices that will best suit your needs and budget.


3. Expert Installation for Peace of Mind and Safety
— Given that Houston is subject to tornadoes and other damaging weather, it pays to be sure that your patio cover is installed correctly. Our patio cover experts have been installing covers for years; we follow the best industry practices that will ensure that your covered patio can withstand and survive storms and hurricanes that may hit your area.

Aside from this, our covered patios Houston also come with product and service warranties so you won’t be left bereft if your patio cover gets damaged.

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