Do Painting Companies in Houston TX Install Hardiplank?

Some painting companies in Houston TX do only that – paint houses. But some of the most recognized names in the home improvement field in Houston offer other services, too. One such service is Hardiplank installation.

Hardiplank is fiber cement siding from the James Hardie brand. They are one of the top manufacturers of home construction supplies, so if you want to play safe in your siding installation project, it is an excellent choice.

For those of you who are sold on the quality of Hardiplank siding, the next step is hiring someone to install the siding for you. This process does require the service of a professional, so unless you’ve had decades of experience in installing sidings, call a specialist.

Once you talk to your chosen contractor, one of the first issues you should talk about with them is caulking.

Caulking is the process of waterproofing seams or cracks in something. In this case, that’s your siding. To get the longest and best performance from your siding, you need to be sure that moisture will not have an easy time getting inside it.

With Hardiplank, the process of caulking starts even before installation. The joints where the siding will be installed should be caulked well. After that, the Hardiplank can be installed, in accordance with the literature that comes with the siding, and you will have to make sure that everything around the siding (like window and/or trim) is caulked well.

Of course, the good thing about hiring a professional is that you won’t have to worry about the right measurements and processes involved in caulking Hardiplank. This does not mean though that you shouldn’t try to be involved in the process. In fact, it is highly recommended that you ask questions and try to learn about waterproofing your siding as much as possible.

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