Double Glazed Insulated Glass

Double glazing or double pane windows are extremely effective at insulating your home against heat transfer.

In the winter, you want to keep that warm air inside the house and in the summer, you want to keep the heat out – retain your cool air.

The effectiveness is in the air gap itself. Please see bottom of post for more technical discussion and for a link to a Wikipedia article.

What you are really after is the benefits though.

Double glazing give you:

  • Insulation – protection from heat transfer.
  • Quiet – Double glazing is quieter, blocks out more noise.
  • Clearer – Compared to films and tinting.
  • Is Usually Gas Filled – Adding Argon increases insulating properties.

All in all, replacing your windows with double glazed replacement windows leads to many benefits. It’s also easy to do…Just call All-Tex Home Improvement Services in the Houston areas of Texas.


Additional info and reference:

When multiple glass panes or “lites” are assembled into units, they are commonly referred to as insulated glass, double glazing, Double Glazed Units (UK and Europe) or Insulating Glass Units (IGU) (North America and Australia).

These units use the thermal and acoustic insulating properties of a gas (or vacuum) contained in the space formed by the unit. They can provide good insulation without sacrificing transparency (visual transmittance (VT)). Single glazed tinted and reflective glasses can provide similar thermal insulation, but for the same insulation performance are harder to see through and provide little protection against unwanted sound.

Most IGUs are double glazed, but IGUs with three sheets or more, i.e. “triple glazing” are becoming more common due to higher energy costs. Insulated glazing may be framed in a sash, frame or in a curtain wall.

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