Double Glazing Windows – Double Pane Windows Houston

I was on the phone the other day with a client and she asked about double glazed windows and how they are different from double pane windows. I get that question every so often so I decided to write this post about double glazing.

Double Glazing is the same thing as Double Pane. This is pretty much the de facto standard now and All-Tex Home Improvement Services only sells double pane windows.

Anytime you build a window with 2 panes of glass separated by what’s called the super spacer with an air gap in between the window, you are creating an insulating barrier. Some windows have just the air gap and others have either argon or another type of inert gas inside. The inert gas is heavier than air so it just increases the insulating factor for the window.

Some of the other features of our replacement windows are:

  • Two panes of Double Strength Glass
  • Multi-Chamber vinyl frames that don’t transfer energy
  • Smooth working stainless steel gliders and balancers
  • Energy saving features like Argon Gas and Low-E coatings
  • A complete array of styles, grid patterns, glass options, etc.

What Else Do You Get?

  • Huge savings on your bill – (often 35% to 40% or more!)
  • An incredible Return on Your Investment when your sell (often 80% – 90%)
  • A Federal Tax REBATE…not a Tax Deduction…an Actual REDUCTION of your Taxes (up to 30% or $1500)
  • Increased Safety and Security of your home through better locks and stronger glass

Hands down, Replacement Windows are a great way to increase the value, appearance and safety of your home while increasing it’s efficiency and reducing your energy bills.