How Much Do Double Pane Windows Cost?

Replacing the windows in your house is not an EXPENSE… it is an INVESTMENT!

Replacing your original aluminum framed, single pane windows with double glazed vinyl windows can pay off in several ways.

According to an article in CNN Money titled “25 Rules to Grow Rich By” (linked below) the National average for window replacement jobs in 2006 was $10,160.

Sounds like a lot of money but, consider this:

  • If you were to sell your home you would get back about 84% (or $8,534)!
  • Your Electricity bill, especially in the cooling months when you run your A/C, will drop by 30% or more!

If your electricity bill averages $225 per month a 30% savings would be a $68 savings per month. Add that up over 2 years ($68 x 24 = $1,632) and you almost recovered the rest of the investment.

If you plan on keeping your house for over 10 years, your windows are basically free. They have paid for themselves in savings.

In addition, the glass technology, locking mechanisms, weather stripping and caulking all add to the value delivered by your new windows.

So, replace your windows now and start:

  • Saving Energy
  • Reducing your electricity bill
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Increase the safety of your home
  • Increase the security of your home

It’s easy to get started…Call All-Tex!

More info on study here: 25 Rules to Grow Rich By | 1 | Money Magazine.