East-West Replacement Windows Houston – Tips to Combat Heat

Compared to north-facing windows, the east-west replacement windows Houston contractors install at your property can be more challenging to maintain.

Both eastern and western orientations expose your windows and home interiors to direct sunlight. Solar radiation can speed up fading and warping. On rare occasions, the warm Texan climate and temperature highs can cause some glass windows to shatter.

Staying Positive

Window orientation is often decided at the planning stage, so if your property just happened to face either the east or west, do not despair.

There are at least two things to be thankful for. First, you get to watch the sun rise or set from your own window. Second, your contractor can help you minimize the inconveniences wrought by the east-west positioning.

Some Tips

  • Ask your contractor for glass upgrades. East-west facing windows need them more than the north-facing units. Consider low-E, tinted, and reflective coatings. Energy-efficient windows with special films can reduce solar heat gain by 40 to 60 percent.
  • Pair interior blinds with external shading devices. Whereas stand-alone drapes or awnings can only reduce heat gain by 20 to 30 percent, using both to reinforce low-E dual panes can improve heat reduction performance by another 30 percent.
  • Hire professionals to design, cut, and install permanent external shading devices. Awnings, roll-out shutters, and pergolas won’t aid window performance unless they are of the correct width, depth, and angle.

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