Sunroom Houston Brings the Outdoors In!

All-Tex Screen Rooms and Sun Room Enclosures Bring The Outdoors To You, While Keeping Pests Out!

Houston has generally sunny weather, but in the height of summer too many days are unbearable from the sweltering heat and burning sun. If you love spending time outdoors but hate the resulting sunburn, why not bring the outdoors inside your home with a new sunroom Houston?

A Sunroom Houston will let you:

  • Enjoy lots of natural light without the heat
  • See great outdoor views with home comforts
  • Add value to your home with a marketable asset
  • Increase your living space without major construction
  • Save on energy costs by reducing necessary usage

A well-designed and constructed Sunroom Houston will let you enjoy these benefits and more.

As one of Houston’s pioneering home improvement companies, All-Tex Home Improvement Services is ready and able to provide you with the needed services.

Lots of Light Minus the Heat

Since a sun or screen room is made largely of huge glass windows and panels, it admits lots of natural light.

For our projects, we recommend using energy-efficient glass that is multi-paned and Energy Star-certified to ensure that radiant heat and UV rays are deflected. This way, light can enter the space without the added heat.

Great Outdoor View + Indoor Comfort

The glass windows and panels open up the space so you can enjoy the view outside without leaving the comfort of your temperature controlled home.

You can stay on your comfortable couch and enjoy the view without having to sweat it outdoors.

Our expert remodelers can also install fans inside the space for added ventilation and comfort.

Marketable Asset = Increased Property Value

HGTV ranks sunroom additions as one of most cost-effective home improvement investment in 2011 with 83% return on investment on a national level. Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report for 2011-2012 rates midrange sunroom additions in Houston TX at 45.9%.

Our experts will ensure a well-constructed sun room for your home that’s worth every penny you invest in it.

Increased Living Space

Upgrade your patio into a sun room and enjoy the space in all kinds of weather. Use your sun room to entertain friends when it’s raining or to spend a quiet day indoors when the weather’s too hot.

Our sun room experts will ensure that your sun room complies with building regulations to provide you with a living space that’s comfortable and secure.

Save on Energy Costs

With more natural light coming into your home through your sun room, you need not use more energy for lighting your space.

In addition, by using energy-efficient glass, you’re preserving heating and cooling in your home.

What your neighbors are saying

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Vincent Douglas