How To Save Up To 15% On Your Energy Bill When You Re-Roof

GAF Timberline CoolSeries Energy Savings Shingles

When it is time to address your worn out roof, it may also be the ideal time to add your roofing material choice into your energy savings strategy. Especially if you have already done energy saving upgrades such as replacement windows and upgraded insulation.

With Timberline CoolSeries shingles from GAF you’ll get an overall lower attic temperature due to the ability to reflect heat away from your roof so that less heat is absorbed by the roofing materials.

Generally, this means a reduction in your cooling bill of 7% up to 15%! These numbers are pulled from National averages but, we know South East Texas has quite a few more cooling days in the year. Your savings can be more than 15%!

GAF Timberline CoolSeries energy saving shingles are rated Energy Star and could also qualify for your energy tax credit from the Federal Government.

GAF Timberline CoolSeries energy star roofing shingles are also rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC).

Here are the Reflectance and Emittance Data:

Color ISR TE SRI LEEDS Credits
Cool Antique Slate 0.27 0.92 29 Yes
Cool Barkwood 0.27 0.92 29 Yes
Cool Weathered Wood 0.26 0.92 28 No
Cool White 0.26 0.85 24 No

Key: ISR= Initial Solar Reflectance, TE= Thermal Emittance, SRI= Solar Resistance Index

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