Fiber-Cement Siding at its Best: HardiPlank Houston Projects and Installations

For the longest time, wood has been used as a construction material. However, while wood can last for a long time, it still requires significant maintenance. Over the years, as the need for more durable construction materials increased, manufacturers began testing alternative materials to replace wood as a construction material.

Such is the history of HardiPlank. Now, it is found in over 4 million homes nationwide, making it among the most used siding material in the United States.

Product Performance

Even in the harshest weather conditions, HardiPlank Houston installations are not susceptible to cracking, rotting, and warping. In fact, it’s included in the warranty. This is because fiber cement siding does not expand and contract as much as wood. That’s less maintenance work for you.

Pest Resistance

Unlike wood siding, HardiPlank siding is not susceptible to rodents, termites, and other pests. This eliminates the need to have your siding treated with harmful chemicals.


What separates HardiPlank siding installations from other types of materials is the warranty.

With manufacturers like James Hardie providing non pro-rated warranties that last for 30 years, the assurance of durability that HardiPlank delivers leaves other alternative siding materials behind. Simply put, you get lasting protection and quality siding products at very reasonable prices.

Integrated Coverage

Make sure that the paint, barrier, and other materials such as the seam tape used with HardiPlank are from the same manufacturer. Materials with the same brand are designed to be compatible with each other. You get an integrated siding system that can protect you and your property for a very long time.

Inappropriately installed siding can void the warranty and leave you without something to fall back on. Make sure that you are always protected by your warrantly. Choose a HardiPlank Houston contractor that has both experience and knowledge to do your siding project.  For over 20 years, AllTex Home Improvement Services is the local leader for quality home improvement projects. For repairs, pricing, assessment, and installations, call (281) 358-2553 today.