To Our Neighbors in the Houston Area...

Dear Neighbor,

As residents in the Houston area ourselves, we know how hard everyone has been affected by flooding and storm damage. Our commitment is to helping you to restore the comfort, security and value of your home, as quickly as possible.

We know that living through a storm or flood that impacts your personal residence, is an emotional roller coaster that is overwhelming - and that there are many steps to getting back to any type of normalcy.

Besides trying to handle all of it yourself (which we do not recommend) we’ve created this page (with FAQs below) to help you better understand your 2 most common choices...

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Option #1
Fast, Cheap & Poor Quality

Hire a "storm-chaser" (someone that moves from town to town following the storm damages).


  • They tend to tell you everything that you want to hear so that you feel good instantly.
  • They can start right away.
  • They seem to be able to get done what others can’t (initially).
  • No out of pocket expense for you (initially).


  • Their focus is short term. Which lacks your best interest.
  • This normally means that they can not produce a quality finish in your home.
  • Lack of attention to details.
  • They tend to lack focus getting on the best outcome of your coverage (e.g getting the insurance Company to pay out properly so that the “like and kind products” are being used). Replacement work must meet required construction standards.
  • Poor workmanship will devalue your home.
  • Since they are not local they are not able to handle any warranty issues.
  • Many of the promises made upfront are not kept.

NOTE: Its important to know that traditional construction companies that do not have extensive experience with flood and storm recovery do not understand the full recovery process. This means that they tend to get similar results as the "storm-chasers".

Option #2
Slower, Quality, & Full Recovery

Hire an Experienced Local Company that has Refined a System for Flood & Storm Repair Recovery on Residential Properties


  • We are A+++ rated with the BBB.
  • We have a proprietary system (loss program) that allows us to recover the full extent of your losses. We are able to do this because of our comprehensive damage loss computer program reports. We use this tool combined with our reps experience in dealing with the insurance adjustors to go to bat for you while expediting your claim.
  • We are focused on your long term happiness. This means that we go the extra mile with adjusters. Which is key! It is the adjusters job to release as little of the insurance company's money as possible to repair your home. We know (that's how they make money). We also understand how to create a “loss report” based on facts and numbers that circumvents the adjustor efforts to short you. Most contractors are not able to build a loss report that supports their case for a comprehensive payout to the homeowner.
  • Our reps are more experienced in construction than virtually every adjustor we’ve ever met. This is critical for your case. The adjustor will push back much less when they’re dealing with an experienced construction expert that has a proven system for loss calculations.
  • The odds of you getting a 100% recovery on your home from this event is MUCH higher with us.
  • The value of your home is maintained and or increased once our work has been completed.
  • We are a local company 27+ years of experience. We're able to stand behind our warranties long-term. This eliminates the liability to you (the homeowner).


  • We tend to take longer (from start to finish) due to the level of detail and communications needed with the adjustors and their superiors. The insurance companies rely on the fact that you are anxious to get back to normal. This means that they drag their feet. We stick with them and follow up on a regular basis. They do not like that. This is a critical part of 100% recovery for your home.
  • We have limited resources so we will have to very selective about who we provide our flood and storm recovery services to. We are a value based company that focuses on quality and life term relationships.
  • We may not be able to tell you everything that you want to hear. We’d rather set real expectations instead of making promises that can not be kept.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do to expedite my flood/storm damage claim? +

Contact your insurance company first thing. This will start the process of assigning an adjustor to your claim. Contact a construction company that you trust to help make sure that you get your best interest protected. Take photos/videos of the inside and outside of the house (only if it is safe). If you need to remove any carpet make sure you save 1' x 1' of carpet and pad from each room.

If you need to remove drywall only cut one foot above the waterline leave one wall as it is for the adjuster to see the waterline nothing above it unless your adjuster has approved it. Don't throw anything away until the adjuster takes a look at it. Save all receipts of mitigation cost.

Will you handle the insurance claim loss with the adjuster and then allow me (the homeowner) to subcontract work? +

No. We handle all aspects of the damage from dealing with the adjuster to tear out, project management as well as the reinstallation of all surfaces.

Can I do some of the repair myself? +

We do not work with clients that want to piecemeal projects. It's very tough to warranty work that is been performed by other people that tie into our own work. Not to mention the logistics of coordinating different trades that are beyond our control make the job much more labor intensive to manage.

How soon can I be back in my home? +

It's very hard to say. The insurance companies know that you are anxious to get back in your home and they use that as leverage to get you to accept less. We circumvent a large part of this by creating a very detailed loss report initially. And then following up aggressively. It is imperative that you focus on getting the right outcome rather than just getting back in your home as quickly as possible. If the speed of getting back in your home is your sole focus. And you're not concerned about the quality of the build back or the reimbursements from the insurance company. Then All Tex would not be your best option. We are focused on quality.

What's the best way to get through this type of scenario? +

We have found that setting up a temp living environment that you're comfortable in, will make this process much more tolerable. Some of our clients move an RV next to the home. Some of our clients lives out of 2-3 rooms. Some of our clients moved to their Lakehouse during the entire process. It's these type of mindsets that we see tend to handle this stressful period the best.

Will I be able to make some money off the insurance companies payouts? +

First of all it's illegal. Second of all... If that it is your objective then All Tex is not your Best Choice.

Do I need to handle the communications with the insurance company and adjuster? +

No you do not. We will handle the majority of all follow-up calls and communications. Occasionally you will need to respond to some specific questions. You're point of contact will be the representative with All Tex that is handling your project. Remember this is a marathon not a foot race.

Can All Tex performed the loss report and negotiations with the insurance company and then I hire someone else to perform the work? +

Yes, if you're willing to assign 30% of the gross payout to All Tex. You will need to tell us that his this is your preference upfront. At which point we'll have to signed a separate agreement that specifically allows this payout.

Can I upgrade to surfaces that you are replacing? +

Yes if you're willing to pay for the additional expenses for those materials and/or labor needed to do so.


  1. Register with FEMA. Get in line now. Don't wait until the storm passes.
  2. File for the Disaster Assistance and Emergency Relief Program, and file your Publication 547 form with the IRS. Both of these programs allow for residents to write off their losses via taxes, and even refile your most recent taxes, thus potentially getting an unexpected refund, something that could go a long way in recovery.
  3. Apply for the Disaster Legal Services Program. Through this program, the government provides legal services to lower-income individuals. This can help when seeking insurance claims, dealing with contractors and home repairs, etc. A huge benefit.
  4. Apply for Rebuild Houston Together, a group that helps senior citizens rebuild their homes.
  5. See if you belong to a group that is a member of the Tool Bank, a group that brings much-needed tools to a disaster area. Note you must be a part of one of their member orgs, such as a church or other charity, including neighborhood associations.
  6. Apply for assistance with Team Rubicon, a group that specializes in helping gut homes damaged by a disaster so that trade professionals can come in and get the job done faster and cheaper.
  7. Work through the options at Links found on this site will streamline some of the other steps, e.g. FEMA application.

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