Why James Hardie Siding Kingwood?

Moisture & Rot Resistance | Hardie Siding Kingwood

Rot doesn’t have to ruin your home. No one has control over the weather. So it’s best to chose siding that resists severe climates and damage from precipitation, like James Hardie fiber-cement siding.

James Hardie Siding is warranted not to rot, warp or delaminate. In addition, James Hardie Siding is five times thicker than vinyl siding so it’s warranted against hail damage and can be installed to withstand winds up to 150 MPH. That means you can rest assured—storm after storm, season after season—knowing that the weather outside is not affecting your siding.

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Weather Attacks Alternative Siding Products

Moisture can promote rot. So rain, snow and humidity are all hazardous to your home if you have wood siding. Moisture can also have an adverse effect on a home with vinyl siding. Since it’s not tightly nailed to your home, but rather hung loosely to allow for expansion and contraction, moisture can build behind panels potentially penetrating the structure of your home.

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Hardie Siding Kingwood

Many homes in Kingwood were built with Masonite siding. Masonite has proven over the years to be a huge mistake. When it gets wet it swells up because it is soaking up the moisture like a sponge. Rot, mold, mildew, insects and rodents find that the ideal conditions to thrive. Have All-Tex visit and assess your siding’s condition. Your home needs the protection that hardie siding Kingwood offers.