Hardiplank Houston Service: Color Advantage

Cracked paint and uneven finishes are not only an eye sore; they also bring down the value of your property. If you don’t have the time and the money to schedule frequent touch-ups on your home exteriors, why not get Hardiplank Houston siding instead?

You can think of the siding as a long-term investment. The Hardiplank fiber cement which our crew installs combines the usual weather-proofing capabilities of regular siding with a distinct color advantage. Basically:

  • Hardiplank is coated with a special solution that makes them 30 percent more resistant to ultraviolet radiation.
    The better the siding surfaces are able to withstand theTexas summer heat, the less likely they are to fade. You’ll get to enjoy the same vibrant hue for years.
  • The paint is applied in several layers and then the colors are baked, so that when you try to scratch the surface, the top layer will not flake easily.
    Besides, the colored siding come with a 15-year warranty covering paint chips, cracks, and blisters.
  • The siding can be repainted with your choice of acrylic coats or sprays (special instructions apply). You can even re-do the look using the exact, same hue.
    Color accuracy is not something that regular field paints allow. Instead of trying to figure out the right mixture to match your existing paint color, we can order the paints for you direct from the manufacturer and have our crew assist you with your painting needs.

Alternately, there is a variant of the Hardiplank Houston siding that does not come with paint, so you will have a free hand with color matching and selection. For more information on your color options, drop us a line or call our friendly staff at (281) 358-2553. We are available to take your calls on weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.