Hardiplank Houston – the HZ10 Advantage

If only siding were like one-size fits all shirts, homeowners need not go lengths to research the options. Luckily, your homework is already half done when you opt for Hardiplank Houston service.

The brains behind our preferred fiber cement siding collection took the time to study regional conditions. James Hardie created two varieties of the same product, each designed to withstand a particular climate: the HZ5 and the HZ10.

For Texashomes, we recommend the HZ10. This class is best suited to withstand the sub-tropical weather. The HZ10 advantage includes:

  • Resistance to Heat Damage. If siding cannot resist fires and slow down flame spread, then they’re good as firewood. With Hardiplank fiber cement, your siding enjoys extra UV protection – courtesy of James Hardie’s ColorPlus paint technology.The result: a longer-lasting siding that won’t crack, swell, or split as easily as the regular siding sold at DIY home improvement stores.
  • Resistance to Moisture Damage. You’ve got good reason to dislike humidity. It can invite all manners of pests: molds, mildew, and some species of termites.Conforming to model building codes, the HZ10 Hardiplank comes with a water-resistant barrier beneath the siding itself so that inside walls can breathe and stay dry.
  • Resistance to Wind Damage. Storms and hurricanes may be predicted, but you’ll sleep better knowing that your siding is giving your home that extra layer of protection.By replacing flimsy material with thick, solid, high-quality boards, the HZ10 Hardiplank stands a better chance against high-impact blows.

Interested? Our crew can take care of the remaining half of your homework. Combine a quality product like the Hardiplank Houston contractors prefer with expert installation, and you’ll get siding that can serve you and your family for years. For a free cost assessment and further information, call us today at (281) 358-2553 or fill out the online form.