HardiPlank Houston TX Installations by Top Local Contractor

The heat is literally on, but this shouldn’t stop you from having your siding replaced. For top of the line HardiPlank Houston TX installations, homeowners trust All-Tex Home Improvements Services.

HardiPlank is among the toughest cladding material around. If you really want to get the most out of it, you better make sure it’s professionally installed. Otherwise, you’re bound for a lot of trouble – not only do you run the risk of voiding the products’ warranty, but you also expose your home to damage.

Houston HardiPlank advantage

Not long ago, wood was the only siding material available. While it is a perfectly fine siding material, it was vulnerable to pest infestation. Wood also warps and bends when exposed to too much humidity. This greatly affects its lifespan.

HardiPlank fiber cement siding provides homeowners with a better alternative. Unlike wood, it does not bend or warp when exposed to humidity. Fiber cement is also not vulnerable to pest damage. It lasts longer than wood.

In addition, fiber cement is manufactured from cement and sand – two of the most common naturally occurring substances on the planet. This makes it the number one alternative for wood.

Professional installation

All-Tex Home Improvements Services provides you quality HardiPlank installations. With us, you can be sure of:

    Fast turnaround time – No more waiting for days on end for a project to be completed.

  • Affordable estimates – Value for your money guaranteed.
  • Quality materials – We only use HardiPlank on our Houston projects to ensure quality.
  • Full manufacturer warranties – Because the materials are professionally installed, you get full warranties.
  • Insured projects – All of our projects are covered by a 2-million dollar general liability insurance for your peace of mind.

Give us a call today and find out how you can get started on a better home. For quality Houston projects, choose All-Tex Home Improvements Services.