Reasons HardiPlank is the Best Choice for Houston Homes

Re-siding your home with fiber cement remains to be the home improvement project that brings about the most returns. If you’re after a home improvement project that gives optimum return on investment, looks good, and will improve the condition of your property, you cannot go wrong with fiber cement siding.

HardiPlank is the most preferred fiber cement siding brand by professionals and homeowners alike. Made by construction giant James Hardie, HardiPlank is available in many varieties. Here are three reasons HardiPlank is the best choice for your home:

  • Resilience
  • Durability
  • Adaptability

To ensure the maximum benefit of HardiPlank for your home, it’s best to have it installed by professionals. Our expert siding installers can re-side your home for your convenience and peace of mind. Give us a call for a free estimate.

Resilience Against Fire and Termites

HardiPlank is made of sand, cement, cellulose, and water which make it inedible to termites and other insects alike. In Houston, where termite infestations are common, termite-resistance is a great quality to have in your home. HardiPlank is also rated to withstand flame damage and is rated by ASTM International for fire resistance.

Durability Against Moisture, Humidity, and Wind Damage

Houston sits within Tornado Alley and most local homes suffer from some sort of impact and moisture damage when hurricanes or storms hit. HardiPlank siding is rated to withstand these damages by ASTM International. For best results, go for HardiPlank HZ10, the variant recommended for Houston homes.

Adaptability in Design and Finish

Most homeowners are hesitant to give up the traditional look of wood siding. HardiPlank siding can imitate the gorgeous grain of wood siding without the disadvantages of termites and water damage. With its ColorPlus technology, HardiPlank even allows homeowners to choose the color and finish they want for their siding.

For more information about HardiPlank or to get a quote for professional fiber cement siding installation, call us today.