Hardiplank Painting Companies in Houston TX 101

There are two main reasons why a homeowner would be looking around for painting companies in Houston TX: a re-painting job or painting newly-installed siding. This article is for homeowners who are looking for information about painting or re-painting Hardiplank siding.

Hardiplank is one of the most recognized and most highly-recommended brands of home siding. It is from the James Hardie brand and its 30-year warranty makes it much more attractive in the eyes of a homeowner who’s shopping for new sidings.

Although this brand of fiber cement siding is attractive and sturdy on its own, a good paint job will increase your house’s curb appeal at least twofold. But to not void your warranty and to get extra years out of your siding, you should remember several policies:

1. Make sure your painter will use James Hardie-approved painting products. Not only will this guarantee eligibility of the Hardiplank warranty, chances are, your applied finishes will look flawless.

2. One of the most foolproof ways to ensure the Hardiplank’s long-lasting performance and beauty is to apply top quality primer to the siding.

3. Refrain from using oil-based paint on your fiber cement siding because it can cause roughness on the surface, cracking, or loss of adhesion.

4. Avoid stain coatings too, because they can expedite the peeling process.

5. Make sure your painter will not use high-pressure water blast or sand blasting when cleaning the siding surface – it can greatly damage the Hardiplank.

Then again, if you don’t want to stress yourself with these rules, you should just do business with companies who know the best practices in installing and painting Hardiplank products. Talk to the best painting companies in Houston TX today.