Hardiplank Siding Houston

Choosing a contractor to replace your worn out wood siding with Hardiplank Siding is a decision that is easier to make once you have the facts!

It takes some experience, skill and training to install Hardiplank correctly. This is big investment for you and you need to make sure that the company you choose is both qualified for the job and will be in business if something does go wrong.

Here are some questions to ask:

  • How long have they been in business?
    The reason you want to ask is that most businesses fail within the first 3-5 years of business. The rate of failure is an alarming 80% in the first 3 years. Choose a low bidding contractor less than 3 years in business and you just signed up with a company on their way out of business.
  • Do they have a list of references?
    Notice that I said “list” of references! A siding replacement contractor should have plenty of references. Consider that the average full house hardie job lasts about one week. If they have been in business more than three years the list should be in the hundreds. Compare a job that is nearby and is reasonably similar in scope to your potential project.
  • Show me proof of insurance!
    Don’t just ask if the contractor has insurance. Ask them to prove it. Ask them to show you a copy of the liability policy certificate. Make sure the coverage is in millions of dollars! If something goes wrong or someone gets hurt on your property, you need to be protected.
  • Check for open complaints.
    Check the BBB and make sure there are no outstanding, unresolved or unanswered complaints. This is really key. Everyone will have complaints. The BBB holds them for 3 years. If a company has 1000 customers per year and is showing 10 compaints – that is a 1/3 of 1% rate of complaint. Realistically, isn’t it more important HOW they respond to complaints rather than the rate of complaint?
  • What is their warranty period?
    All products have a product warranty from the manufacturer. You want to also have a labor warranty and a service warranty. If the company does not have these two components, you’ll be left to deal with the huge, multi-national manufacturer of the siding in order to get your product failure handled. A reputable company stands behind the products it sells and will come out to your home, investigate the failure, determine a course of action and FIX IT!

Use these questions as a quick guide to hiring your siding contractor.

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