Homeowners FAQ when Roofing Houston Homes

Roofing work, no matter how big or small, can still cost most homeowners money they can ill afford, especially in this economy. As such, we understand if, as a homeowner, you have lots of questions regarding your roofing project. After all, it is a big investment. Here are some answers to questions most homeowners ask before, during, and after roofing that can help settle your worries:

  • When should a roof be replaced?
    Before deciding on a roof replacement, call for a professional inspection. A visual inspection by an untrained eye is not enough to gauge whether a roof needs replacement. A replacement is usually recommended if the roof is severely damaged and has structural problems. Replacement is also recommended if the roof is within the last five to 10 years of its expected usable life. An inspection before roofing Houston homes also provides contractors a chance to assess and estimate the degree of damage and cost of repairs.
  • What roofing material is recommended for Houston weather?
    Since Houston sits near “Tornado Alley”, one of the best recommended roofing material are high quality asphalt shingles. They are the least expensive option, so they can be easily replaced and repaired if damaged. High quality asphalt shingles do well in areas where wind, ice, water, and severe weather are prevalent. Most asphalt shingles are also rated to resist damage from wind with speeds up to 130mph, which is ideal for homes near the Tornado Alley.
  • What are the requirements for roofing in Houston?
    With some exceptions, the Houston Archaeological and Historical Commission (HAHC) requires a Certificate of Appropriateness or COA for all construction work involving exterior changes visible from the public right-of-way, such as relocation and demolition within a protected historic district. You should contact the Structural Inspection Section at 832.394.8840 before beginning any project to confirm whether or not permits are required.

Have more questions? Call us today for more information before starting your project on roofing Houston homes.