When to Get New Houston Replacement Windows?

Replacement windows add to your home’s curb appeal. More than that, replacement windows also offers you and your home some distinct advantages, including reducing your energy bills and preventing insulation degradation. We can help replace the windows in your Houston home when it’s time.

We can replace your windows when there is:

  • frost and condensation
  • air leaks
  • physical or mechanical damage

All-Tex Home Improvement Services has been servicing Houston homes for over 20 years. We have worked with the best window brands in the industry so you can be sure of expert installation. For more information about our replacement window service, call us today.

Frost buildup and condensation

Frost buildup and condensation signal that your windows’ insulation is not as effective as before.

The change in temperature means that your windows are colder than the rest of the house, resulting in frost and condensation when hot indoor air touches the surface. Replace your windows to prevent further damage. We can assess your windows to come up with an accurate estimate on how much the project will cost.

Air leaks

Windows expand and contract through the years. Over time, tiny gaps will develop around the frame and even where the glass meets it. Do you feel a draft when it’s windy outside and you stand close to your windows from inside?

If so, there may be air leaks in your windows. Consider getting replacement windows to stop these leaks. With air leaks, you spend more on heating and cooling your home since heated and cooled air is allowed to escape.

Mechanical and physical damage

A rotted, cracked, or missing trim means that your window has leaks that are triggering all these other damages. Repairing the rotted part or replacing the missing trim won’t do any good if the cause of the damage isn’t repaired.

Aside from giving your home a fresh look, new replacement windows also eliminate security risks from weak windows. If you are thinking of resale, new windows can also drive the price of your home up. If you want replacement windows for your Houston home, call us today.