Houston Roofing Company: Roofing Project Preparations

A good Houston roofing company is the start of a good roofing project. As a homeowner, there are a couple of things you have to consider before a roofing task to ensure a hassle free project.

#1 Schedule

Major Houston roofing projects may require you to spend a night or two away from your home. For a hassle free project, secure all accommodations even before the project starts. You may also want to schedule this kind of repair on a weekend. Keep a checklist of all necessities you have to bring.

#2 Warranties

Be sure that your roofer provides a service warranty. Do not mistake this warranty with the manufacturer’s warranty. The latter only covers roofing product costs. Service warranties, on the other hand, are provided by a roofing company and cover service costs of future roofing projects. Some roofing companies try to convince their clients that the manufacturer’s warranty covers all repairs costs.

#3 Contract

The contract is a critical factor of any roofing project. The contract will outline everything that will take place during a roofing project. Be very particular about the following:

  • Mode of Payment – This determines the terms of payment. Commonly, homeowners are required to provide partial payment before a project, and the rest can either be paid whole or in installments. Avoid contracts that force you to make a payment upfront.
  • Lien Releases –  Ensure that all lien releases are to be provided by the company the moment you have given full payment. Otherwise, you may have to be answerable to the workers and the suppliers.

After the Project

What you do after the roofing project is just as important. A good roofing company in Houston will always conduct a quality check before finalizing the project completion. However, it would not hurt if you checked if all liens have been released and if there are any extra expenses incurred during the project.