The Best Siding for Houston Homes

Siding is one of your home’s defenses against the weather and the environment. Given that Houston’s climate and environment can be challenging and severe with the heat, storms, and presence of termites, your home needs a siding that can withstand and survive these threats.

The question is, what is the best siding material for Houston homes? As one of Houston’s siding experts, we at All Tex Home Improvement Services recommend using HardiPlank fiber cement for a cost-effective and durable solution.

With HardiPlank siding your Houston home, your property is kept safe and you will enjoy these benefits:

  • Environment-specific protection
  • Less upkeep and maintenance costs
  • Weather-proof barrier for your home
  • Increased value for your home
  • Improved curb appeal

We can help you side your home with HardiPlank siding. For more information about our Houston siding services, call us today.

Environment Specific Protection

The Hardie siding system designates recommended products for specific regions to better protect homes against the climate and environment. For Houston, James Hardie specifies the HZ10 variety for its noncombustible and hurricane-proof construction. HardiPlank siding is also termite-proof, which is a blessing given Houston’s propensity for termites.

Less Upkeep and Maintenance Costs

Since Hardie siding is well-suited for Houston’s environment, it can withstand threats that may cause it damage. As a result, you won’t have to spend as much on maintaining your siding and keeping it in good condition. We also offer free inspections you might want to take advantage of.

Weather-proof Barrier

Fiber cement siding like Hardie is nonporous so it will not absorb excess moisture from rain. It can also withstand hurricane-strong winds and impact damage from hail stones as rated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Increased Home Market Value

Siding Houston homes with fiber cement like HardiPlank consistently ranks on top of home improvement projects that improves a home’s value and recoups the most return on investment.

Improved Curb Appeal

HardiPlank siding is available in a variety of colors and finishes thanks to its ColorPlus technology. The color and finish is baked on the material so its color will not fade. Your home will look better longer which will positively contribute to your home’s curb appeal.

For more information about Hardie siding and why it’s the best Houston siding material, call us today. Ask us for your free and no-obligation siding inspection today.