Houston Vinyl Replacement Windows

At All-Tex Home Improvement Services, we pride ourselves in our ability to shop for the best products available in the marketplace. This ensures our clients receive the best possible performance from our renovations.

When we went shopping for windows we were looking for windows that stand up to the hot climate and to the heavy thunderstorms, high winds and heavy pollens (we all love pine pollen season, right?). Face it, there are a ton of manufacturers out there. There are many inferior “$189 installed” models out there that don’t pass our standards by a long shot.

With our discerning eye placed squarely on our client’s best interest, we have narrowed it down to three manufacturers of windows. In this article, I’ll explain why we chose Don Young Company as one of the suppliers.

First of all, Don Young Company is a Texas corporation. Texans build and distribute their windows keeping most if not all the revenue in our great State. All-Tex is firmly committed to our local economy.

Let’s take a look at the 5400 series Double Hung Vinyl Replacement Window with tilt-sashes.

Frames: Constructed of fully welded, multi-chamber specially formulated advanced Sunshield PVC vinyl. This results in a frame that is unmatched for resistance to weather extremes, pollution, salt air and dust. Multiple chambers creates an extremely strong frame with optimum insulation properties while also reducing noise.

Sash Construction: Each sash is constructed with a 3/4 inch insulating space with Low-E, double strength glass, a dual durometer glazing bead, internal aluminum reinforcing tubing at meeting rails and lock rail members and double weatherstripping with Allerguard. Both sashes operate and both sashes tilt in! The benefits are a superior, safer locking window that is easy to clean and keeps a maximum amount of pollens, dust and pollutants out of your home. Your home will be safer and cleaner.

Convenience Features: Built in lift rails for top and bottom sash, patented stainless steel constant force balances, welded sloped sill and night latches. These final touches create a durable window that will operate trouble free for decades. Water will not back up on the window sill and into your home and the night latches allow a secure way to vent your windows overnight without fear of intruders.

With Don Young Company windows installed by All-Tex Home Improvement Services, you can be assured of a lifetime of satisfaction. Please call or complete a request form to start the process for you.