How to Save on Cost when Replacing Windows in Houston

Replacement windows aren’t exactly cheap. Depending on the quality and brand, you can order replacement windows for $200 to as much as $600. Multiply these amounts by the number of windows you need and your expenses can easily run to a thousand dollars or more, excluding labor. For many of us Houston homeowners, this is a bitter but necessary pill to swallow. We need the windows, but with that kind of expense, it’s no wonder many of us forgo replacing them for as long as possible.

In this light, we offer you these tips on saving on the cost of replacement windows in Houston:

  • Stick to the same style of windows.
    Many homeowners use this opportunity to try other types of windows for their homes. However, what most forget to account for is that replacement windows should fit the frame left the old ones. In this case, choosing the same window style as your old windows will help lessen the cost of the labor expenses since the frames don’t have to be reconfigured to fit the new windows. If you really want a change in window style, opt for one that doesn’t require changes in the frame.
  • Choose vinyl replacement windows.
    Vinyl is the most affordable option when it comes to replacement windows. Vinyl windows are also incredible insulators which makes them perfect for the weather in Houston. They’ll be able to keep indoor temperatures stable for your comfort. These windows are also durable, which makes them a cost-effective option.
  • Determine what kind of window replacement you need.
    Not all windows need to be replaced fully. You can ask window contractors for options such as a sash replacement, frame and sash replacement, and a full unit replacement. Sash replacements are the cheapest option but it is only recommended when the glass is still in good condition. Have a professional contractor check and determine the best option for your windows.

You should also think about getting energy-efficient replacement windows in Houston for long-term financial rewards such as rebates on utilities and reduced energy bills. Want more tips on replacing your windows? Call us at (281) 358-2553.