How Vinyl Replacement Windows Installations Work

In this post, we talk about the mechanics behind energy-efficient vinyl replacement windows Houston installations and how you can make the most of your new window installation.

The main principle behind energy-efficient windows is insulation. Simply put, an energy-efficient window is an insulation device. By preventing the transfer of heat from either sides of the window, your cooling system does not have to compensate for the extra heat which may be present in your home.

However, there are plenty of ways that heat can be transferred to the indoors through your window. The most common forces at work behind heat transference are convection and radiation. Convection takes place when the heat from the atmosphere is transmitted to the windows by means of the air around it. The air on the indoor-facing side of the window cools and drops to the floor. Air on the opposite side of the window will then be sucked in by the lower air pressure produced by the immediate drop of air on the opposite side.

Radiation, on the other hand, is essentially the heat energy carried through the sun’s rays. An energy-efficient window can easily filter the majority of the high temperature that the sunlight carries without blocking the light itself. Be sure that the glass in your replacement window is rated low E or low emissivity. This specific glass can help you filter hazardous UV and infrared light from the sun.

What this means for you:

Most of the time, the temperature of a residence is lost through the windows, and this is often the reason for high heating or cooling expenses. The reality is, while energy-efficient windows are pricier compared to regular kinds, they basically pay for themselves with regards to monthly power cost savings.

Energy-efficient windows feature an Energy Star Certification. Also make sure that your contractor is trained in energy-efficient vinyl replacement windows Houston installations, as improper installation of windows can lead to more harm than good.