Energy Efficient Windows Houston

Hello and welcome to the All-Tex Home Improvement Services Replacement Window series.

The Question is: What is it that makes one window more efficient than another?

The answer is in the materials used and the manufacturing and design process the window maker uses.

All-Tex Home Improvement Services installs vinyl framed replacement windows in the Houston areas of Texas. We prefer vinyl because vinyl is a superior insulating material. Heat does not conduct through the vinyl. In otherwords, when the exterior frame gets warmed up by the sun, the inside surface of the frame remains at room temperature.

It’s easy to tell how efficient a window is. Manufacturers place a ratings sticker from the National Fenestration Rating Council. An example is showing on the slide now.
In a moment I will share 3 great websites where the consumer can learn everything there is to know about the approval process and more.

There are three major points to consider:

1. How much of the sun’s radiant heat is prevented from entering your home by the new windows? The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) is the number that provides your answer. In the example, the SHGC rating for this window is .20 and it means that 80% of all radiant energy from the sun is blocked. This is a great number to look for in the south where we run our Air Conditioners frequently.

2. How much insulation does the window provide? This is revealed by the window’s U-Factor rating. A rating of .30 means that the transfer of heat from inside the home to the exterior is 70% efficient. .30 is a good number for the South but, our Northern Neighbors may want this to be even lower. The construction of the window along with the air space and argon gas all contribute to the UFactor.

3. Visible Transmittance is the amount of ultraviolet rays that are blocked by the Low-E glass. This window filters out 62% of all the damaging light that fades your carpet and fabrics.

Knowing the meaning of the numbers will make you a more prepared consumer when dealing with a Replacement Window Contractor.

[previews of reference sites: Energy Star, NFRC and Efficient Windows Collaboration site]

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