Replacement Windows Houston: Installation Concerns

As much as we’ve already talked about it, we can never express just how important ventilation is. After all, replacement windows Houston are primarily designed for ventilation. As such, the installation should be done in a way that your replacement windows effectively accomplish this task.

As with any window installation, a replacement window should be at the very least, 3% of the total floor space of the room it is installed. Anything less and the window would have lost its purpose. A 1.5 sq ft window in a 50sq ft room does not make any impact on ventilation.

It goes without saying that replacement windows should match or outperform the one that they replace.

Trickle Vents

Found in majority of windows, trickle vents are small gapes in a window structure designed to facilitate ventilation. Make sure that trickle vents found in replacement windows match those from the previous window. Otherwise, you risk losing their functionality.

Impact Resistance

As you are already in the process of replacing your windows, you might consider impact-resistant windows. As its name suggests, this type of window is designed to withstand high speed impacts. Other benefits include:

  • Increased Durability – Get more years out of your window as majority of impact resistant windows are double laminated.
  • Protection – Debris flying through storms can reach 30-40mph. Impact resistance windows are rated to withstand collision with such objects.

Energy Efficiency

Rising steadily in popularity over the last decades, energy-efficient replacement windows have proven invaluable in building green homes. With 15-25% reduction in cooling and heating cost, the savings is worth taking a second look at.

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