Replacement Windows Houston, TX

Our Window Replacement Services Include:

  • 30% Energy Savings Guarantee!
  • Double Lifetime – Transferable Warranty!
  • Lifetime Glass Breakage Guarantee!

We want you to get the BEST Vinyl Replacement Windows available for your family so we pulled out all the stops!

We proudly install Simonton Windows.

Simonton has been manufacturing the best vinyl home replacement windows since 1946.

Are out of date, inferior windows detracting from the beauty of your home and causing you to lose money every month?

Fortunately, one of the best Home Improvements you can make on your home will result in immediate savings and add to the value of your home. Replace your old single pane windows with the latest technology and feature set. Even if you already have double paned windows more than 8 years old, replacing them might still be a good investment.

How Can You Tell If Your Windows Need To Be Replaced?

Check for one or more of these problems:

  1. Excessive heat gain from direct sunlight.
  2. Faded carpets and furniture in areas where the sun
    frequently enters your rooms.
  3. Ill-fitting windows that leak all your cooled air
    – Are you trying to cool the neighborhood?
  4. Windows that are difficult to open or close.
  5. Windows that don’t lock or are difficult to lock
  6. Code violations! No tempered glass where it is
    supposed to be by code. Also a major safety issue!
  7. Ugly, chipped or flaking aluminum frames

Superior Replacement Window Features

  1. Two panes of Double Strength Glass
  2. Multi-Chamber vinyl frames that don’t transfer heat energy
  3. Smooth fitting stainless steel gliders and balancers
  4. Energy saving features like Argon Gas and Low-E coatings
  5. A complete array of styles, grid patterns, glass options, etc.

And the benefits go much deeper than beautiful design…

  1. Impressive savings on your power bill – (often 35% to 40% or more!)
  2. An incredible Return on Your Investment when you sell
    – (often 80% – 90%)
  3. A Federal Tax Rebate…(reduced for 2011 but, still active)
  4. Increased Safety and Security of your home through better locks and stronger glass

And that’s not all!

If you’ve been considering replacement windows, but need to get all the facts before moving ahead, contact All-Tex Home Improvement Services to get all your questions answered.

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Simply complete the request form or call us at the number shown at the top of our website. We’ll take care of the rest.

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All-Tex Home Improvement Services is different! Rather than just a “free quote” offered by all other contractors, we perform a comprehensive assessment of your replacement windows Houston needs in your home. If we can help you, we’ll present a solution!

All-Tex Home Improvement Services is your source for Replacement Windows in Houston!

What your neighbors are saying

“I have found their prompt attention to both organizing the estimating process and the follow-through with actual construction above and beyond what I have come to expect. I found them to be highly ethical and fair in dealing with the unforeseen. The entire process was a pleasure.”
Shelton Simon