Roofing Company Houston Insider Tip: Go for Clean Roofs

Our previous post on the attributes of a roofing company Houston homeowners tend to re-hire revealed that cleanliness is a highly valued trait (and for good reasons too).

According to the United Nations Human Development Report, poor sanitation has claimed more lives than warfare. Just as hygiene is essential to your health, cleanliness is crucial to roof life. Below are the top reasons to keep your roof clean:

A Dirty Roof Can

  1. Defeat the efforts of a professional crew. — For asphalt shingle adhesive strips to stick securely on the roof for example, your roof surface has to be free from debris and other loose dirt.
  2. Compound the dangers of working from heights. — Roofers are more likely to trip and fall on an unkempt and slippery roof. Even if your contractor has the insurance to cover damages, the very thought of having a preventable accident occur on your property can be unsettling.


A Clean Roof Can

  1. Prevent the accumulation of roofing debris. — Remember that your roof can only hold up against the collective weight of leaves, moss, and molds for a time. A clean sweep prevents potential leaks and roof rot issues.
  2. Benefit your health. — Unclogging drains and seeing to it that rainwater can flow freely from the spout to the yard ensures that your roof won’t serve as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Dengue fever used to be endemic to Southeast Asia, but it 2010, there had been reported cases in Harris County, Houston.

As you can see, cleanliness allows your roofing company Houston to keep two problems in check: a faulty roof and a failing health. If you would like to join our discussion and add a couple of points to either list, do take time to leave a comment. Don’t be shy. We love to interact with our readers.