Houston’s Harsh Weather Tortures Your Roof!

Roofing Contractor Houston

High Winds
Wind will lift up your shingles and will drive water into all but the most watertight of roofs. Rain water gets forced into the nooks and crannies letting in opportunity for mildew, rot and decay. Flashings and valleys are especially vulnerable.

All-Tex Home Improvement Services, Roofing Contractor Houston, is trained to carefully inspect those vulnerable areas for hidden signs of a developing problem.

Hail Storms
Houston’s severe thunderstorms often bring large hail. Hail pounds away relentlessly at your asphault shingles knocking the granules free of the paper exposing the underlying substrate material. The granules play a major role in reflecting heat and helping to prevent damage to the shingle from ultra-violet light. A well trained, experienced roofing contractor houston, like All-Tex, can recognize the problem and explain the risks.

These conditions may not appear too bad from the ground but, they could lead to one or more leaks followed by potentially catastrophic damage to your attic and the interior of your home! A detailed inspection – from the rooftop – is the only way to identify hidden problems that fester and create expensive repair work.

Roofing Contractor Houston – The Technology has changed!

Roofing materials have improved dramatically in the last decade. So has the roofing industry for that matter.

Sure, there are still rip-off artists in the roofing business, but you don’t have to be a victim.

All-Tex is committed to providing top quality roofing materials and professionally trained installation teams. We guarantee a very long life and offer an exceptional warranty for your roofing project.

  • Because All-Tex uses ONLY Top Quality GAF/Elk roofing materials…
  • We are GAF/ELK Preferred Contractor…
  • 30 year material life expectancy is our standard…
  • We’re Fully insured (something many roofers claim, but can’t always prove)…
  • Experienced and factory trained teams – Inexperience leads to small mistakes and a lack of detail which leads to 90% of all early roof failure and leaks!
  • Weather Stopper System Plus Warranty – more than 4 times the standard!
  • Hundreds of referrals – Neighbors in your area in homes just like yours!
  • Transferable Warranty to new home owners – A clear competitive advantage when selling a home.
  • Hail and wind damage inspection specialists – Getting an inspection soon after a severe hail storm can save you thousands of dollars in later repair bills.

In addition to providing rain protection, your roof is instrumental to energy efficiency as well!

  • Ridge venting keeps attic cooler
  • Lighter color shingles help reflect solar energy reducing attic temperatures
  • Radiant barrier decking can also be applied before the protective paper adding additional energy savings

Residential Roofing Contractor Houston

All-Tex Home Improvement Services services single family homes, apartment buildings, and condominium complexes in the entire Houston Metro area. That means from Kingwood to Katy, Sugarland, Friendwood, Conroe, Cypress, Galveston and everyplace in between.

So don’t fall for the “cheap, fast” fly by night contractor or storm chaser. Hire a local, established roofing expert with decades of experience and a reputation of quality in your community!
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