7 Reasons to Hire All-Tex for Your Roofing Needs

Roofing materials have improved dramatically in the last decade. New techniques on roof installation and repair have also been developed. Still, the sound construction of your roof system depends on the skill and expertise of your roofing contractor.

All-Tex Home Improvement Services offers roof repair and installation in the Houston area. We are committed to providing top quality roofing materials and expert roofers to service your home. We also offer a workmanship guarantee for your roofing project.


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By hiring us as your roofing contractor, you are ensured of the following benefits:

  • Expert construction and high quality materials
  • 30-year material warranty
  • Weather Stopper System Plus Warranty
  • Full insurance coverage for your project
  • Highly trained construction teams
  • Transferable warranty to new homeowners
  • Wind damage and hail inspection specialists
High Quality Materials and Service

We use only high quality GAF/Elk roofing products, materials recognized in the industry for their durability and strength. We are also one of GAF/Elk’s preferred contractors – meaning we’ve trained in installing their products so risks of faulty installation are eliminated.

30-Year Life Expectancy Standard

If you’re looking for a roof that will last a long time and be a worthy investment, we offer a 30-year life expectancy standard for our roof. With regular maintenance, your roof will still be in good condition by the time you want to move out or sell.

Weather Stopper System Plus Warranty

We offer this manufacturer defect warranty at four times the industry standard so you get more value for your money. You are also assured of a roof that can withstand any storm or climate trouble that comes from living in an area like Houston.

Full Insurance Coverage

Each of our projects is covered with up to $2 million general liability insurance so you are protected should any mishap happen during construction. We also have workers’ compensation so you don’t have to worry in case there are accidents despite precautions.

Highly Trained Roofers

We only send in highly trained and fully equipped roofing experts to install your roof. Our roofers are also trained to work using the best industry practices and to comply with manufacturers’ directions.

Transferable Service Warranty to New Homeowners

If you are thinking of selling your home in the future, our warranty is transferable to new homeowners, giving you a clear competitive advantage and adding value to your home.

Wind and Hail Damage Inspection specialists

We also offer inspections after a severe storm that can save you thousands of dollars in future repair bills. This is also handy in case you’re filing a hail damage claim with your insurer.

All-Tex Home Improvement Services offers roof repair, installation and other home improvement services to single family homes, apartment buildings, and condominium complexes in the Houston area. For more information about our roofing services, call us today.