Roofing Houston Jobs and Your Roof Deck

Roofing Houston specialists talk about the roof deck and the role it plays on your roof.

Your roof deck is a critical element of your roof structure. Aside from supporting most of the weight of the roof, a roof deck connects the entire roof to the house. Without it, your shingles will remain useless. As such, it is important to pay close attention to it and to make sure that it is in its best condition, especially during roof repairs.


In the event of a roof-over, it is imperative that your roof deck would still be capable of bearing the weight of an additional layer of asphalt shingle. Although local legislation only allows homeowners to have two layers of asphalt roof, it is best that you ask your roofing Houston contractors about the added weight.

Additional weight on a roof deck can cause it to buckle, bend, and sometimes, crack. This can lead to serious damage on the support system of your entire roof structure and your home. By having your contractor check the roof deck, you can be sure that the roof will handle the extra weight.

Roof-overs, when done improperly can do more harm than good. This is because damaged parts of the roof, which would otherwise remain invisible during a roof-over, can become aggravated over time. By the time you schedule your next roof repair, things may already be beyond repair and your only choice is a roofing replacement.

Roof Decks and Tear-Offs

Tear-off projects are the best way to check the condition of your roof deck because it is completely exposed, allowing your contractor to spot rotting, cracks, and other damage.

A majority of older homes, like those built before the 1950’s, have spaced roof decks. Spaced decks were used to accommodate air flow between the wooden shingles for quick drying. While this was very effective for wood shingles, it does not work for asphalt shingles.

Asphalt shingles require a flat roof deck. Contractors often install plywood or a material called OSB or Oriented Strand Board over spaced decks. These boards serve as the support for the shingles and where the shingles are fastened to.

Shingle Type

As a rule, roofing Houston professionals do not recommend installing a different type of shingle over an existing one. This means that it is not advisable to install dimensional shingles over existing three tabs. Not only would it add even more weight, but you may end up damaging the dimensional shingles.


Make sure that you have flashing installed for sun roofs, chimneys, and roof joints. Flashing prevents leakage of water and moisture, and protects the roof deck, roof space, and the attic. Proper flashing will save you from more repairs in the long run.

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