Roofing Houston TX: A Deeper Look Into Laminated Shingles

Displaying the perfect combination of durability and affordability, find out just how big a role laminated shingles play in roofing Houston, TX homes.

The asphalt shingle has undergone a considerable amount of change since it was first developed about a century ago. However, it has never deviated from the original idea that has made it such a success in the first place.

A step forward from the three-tab asphalt shingle, laminated shingles provide a number of improvements:


Laminated shingles have twice as many layers of asphalt. This allows them to be twice as durable as regular three tab shingles.


The thickness of the laminated shingle not only presents an advantage in durability, but also in design. Its texture also gives laminated shingles a more solid, dimensional look. Likewise, thick shingles allow designers more architectural configurations and color combinations.

Fire Resistance

Laminated shingles are more likely to be rated fire-resistant as compared to the regular three-tab. Because of the mass of laminated shingles, it is able to accommodate treatment so it can resist fires. In fact, the majority of laminated shingles today carry an A rating for fire resistance.

Wind Resistance

Most laminated shingles are rated to resist winds of up to 130 mph. The mass of laminated shingles make them less vulnerable to being blown off by strong winds during storms.

Energy Efficiency

The majority of laminated shingles manufactured today are designed to be energy efficient and carry the Energy Star seal. By using energy-efficient roofing materials, you can reduce your cooling expenses by up to 25%. In addition to this, the government provides tax rebates to anyone who uses energy-efficient materials.


However, it is important to consider that no matter how good your roofing material is, if installed inappropriately, your roof will never live up to its full potential. Make sure you hire a trustworthy roofing contractor.

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