Select Efficient Replacement Windows Houston Homes Need

Earlier, we discussed the five-fold path to selecting efficient replacement windows Houston homeowners can follow.

The guide seems easy enough, but it’s probably going to take you a few days to figure out Step 4. If fence sitting is your waterloo, then this post is for you.

Here, we’ll show you what variables can tip the scales in favor of one replacement window over one, two, or more equally attractive alternatives.

The Top Five

Begin with a short list of available energy-efficient replacement window options. Trim your list to five to allow for fallbacks.

Keep comparisons objective and draft a table if you have to. Pay special attention to National Fenestration Rating Council and Energy Star ratings.

Property Orientation

Know the orientation of your property. This will help you determine:

  • Immediate Energy Needs. Solar heat gain and insulation are both useful, but if you can afford only one upgrade at a time, you’ll know which option to take and which to forgo.
  • Lighting and Shading Requirements. Each room in your home will have different lighting requirements and challenges. Jot these down to identify the proper window position and size.


People are creatures of habit. Know how you prefer to open or close windows. Anticipate what cleaning them would be like.

Good replacement windows are going to be in your home for a long while. Make sure you get units that will not impede your movement and will not inconvenience your household.


Check if you can afford the replacement windows you want for your home. Canvass prices from as many contractors as you can.

Tip: Budgetary constraints might prevent you from acquiring your dream replacement windows Houston, but contractors are usually able to recommend economical alternatives that would still meet your other requirements. Try our no-obligations, free estimates today! Call (281) 358-2553.