Siding Houston TX Homes – Four Options for Homeowners

The number of contractors that specialize in siding Houston TX homes is one strong indicator that property siding is not going out of style anytime soon. In fact, siding remains an essential component to any property. They usually serve a combination of purposes: to help with insulation, to improve the integrity of the structure, to prevent damage, and to improve the facade of your home.

At the fundamental level, a lot of households prefer to have siding installed to their residences because it increases the aesthetic value of property exteriors. There are four common kinds of siding material that you can choose from: wood, aluminum, fiber cement, and vinyl.

  1. Wood Siding. Wooden siding is a classic choice that traditional homeowners prefer. It looks regal and helps with insulation. It might also outlast other materials when pre-treated properly. Some regular maintenance checks with wood siding involve repainting, caulking and staining.Interestingly, a lot of busy homeowners are already making the switch to alternatives that mimic the appearance of wood and eliminate the disadvantages. Apart from commanding an expensive price, wood siding is a major target of potential insect infestation, rotting and warping.
  1. Aluminum Siding.You can also consider dent-free and durable aluminum as one of the “oldies” in the group. You really cannot change its looks though or initiate repairs either. Additionally, it isn’t an effective insulator.Nevertheless, siding Houston TX properties with aluminum remains a practical choice, especially among commercial buildings, because the material has a very sleek appearance and fire-retardant properties to boot.
  1. Vinyl Siding. Price will always be a factor in your decisions, so in case you’re on a tight budget, you might just like vinyl. Vinyl siding is currently the cheapest and most stylish option around. Companies are even cornering a section of the market by manufacturing siding that resembles the look and textures of your favorite materials.With efforts done to promote sustainable development and green practices though, your home improvement company might hesitate to pitch a sale on this kind of material. The main issue with vinyl siding is that it’s not good for the environment. It can also become brittle after prolonged exposure to the elements.
  1. Fiber Cement Siding. Fiber cement siding leads the pack in terms of appearance, maintenance requirements and durability. Fiber cement is actually made of wood fibers, sand and cement, and – like vinyl siding – can be finished to resemble the look and feel of your favorite materials. To the unknowing eye, the siding can even be mistaken for wood.Despite the fact that fiber cement can help in weatherproofing your property and protecting your home from termite infestation and mildew growth, only a small percent of American homes currently pick this option.The major letdown when siding Houston TX properties with fiber cement is that the installation process can be quite tricky. This means that in order for you to fully enjoy the advantages of fiber cement siding, you will have to pay for professional installation services.

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