Signs of a Siding Houston TX Home Improvement Project Gone Bad

Are you planning to engage in a do-it-yourself siding Houston TX project? Think again.

You may not realize it, but installing siding is more than just a cosmetic issue. It’s not as easy as redecorating your house and changing wallpaper.

The job requires rather specialized skills, insider knowledge, and plenty of on-hand experience to complete without the usual hitches. There are many things that can go wrong when you decide to take matters into your own hands. Below are some common examples:

Beautification Projects Gone Bad

  • The color fades. As you can see, at times, it’s not workmanship that’s at fault but rather your choice of siding material. Vinyl sidings come to mind.
    • Prolonged exposure to sun can cause color in vinyl sidings to lighten.
    • Reaction with chemicals and elements can leave stains.
    • Color retouches are out of the question because paint does not adhere to vinyl.
    • Replacements are wasteful and costly.
  • The paint peels prematurely. A myriad of installation mistakes can cause paints to peel well before the standard 10 to 25-year useable life: 
    • Working on a wet wall
    • Fastening the sidings too tightly that they impede ventilation
    • Positioning the angles incorrectly that the sidings trap moisture   

More Signs

  • Cracks and dents appear.
  • Some tabs get easily dislodged.
  • The sidings become a haven for termites, molds, and mildew.
  • Temperature changes cause the sidings to become brittle.
  • In some cases, high heat triggers melting and starts a fire.

When they first came to us, many of our customers told us how they underestimated the intricacies of a siding installation project. How about you? What was the biggest realization that you learned from your favorite siding Houston TX contractor? Feel free to share your story here or call us up at (281) 358-2553 to schedule a free consultation! Either way, we appreciate hearing from you.