Two Things Most Roofing Houston Contractors Won’t Tell You About Roof Projects

Roofing Houston contractors call it the quintessential roofing concern. The question is as old, if not older than, most roofing companies.

While it is accepted by most roofers that the only way to determine if a house needs a roof over or replacement is by an on-site assessment, there is more than meets the eye to roofing projects. Looking to have your roof replaced or repaired? Find out what most roofers won’t tell you.

Roof-Overs can Cause Heat Build-Up in the Roof Space

Most states allow homes to have 2 layers of asphalt roofing before it is re-roofed. The problem is that most roofers do not explain to homeowners that the additional layer of shingle roofing traps in heat. Excess trapped heat is detrimental to the roofing membrane.

Roofing over older shingles without prior inspection can be dangerous. Damage sustained by the older layer can go unnoticed and cause further damage in the roofing membrane and roof deck, leaving you with a very unpleasant surprise by the time you are ready to have your roof replaced.

Not All Roof Replacements are the Same

Roof replacement follies are just as common. While a roof replacement is the best way to check for roofing damage, unreliable contractors can leave out critical phases of the repair. Make sure that your contractor conducts a project assessment. Any serious roofing Houston contractor will conduct a thorough scan of your roof before starting a project. He will look for areas of concern and spot signs of damage.

Likewise, expect that a good contractor will provide a detailed report of the project, including manufacturer and service warranties.

The success of your roofing project is all about choosing the right contractor. With All-Tex Home Improvement Services, you can be sure that you get nothing but world-class quality service. This has been our commitment for 20 years. Call us today at (281) 358-2553 for a free on-site assessment for your roofing Houston projects.