Ultimate Coastal Window Protection – Houston Galveston Gulf Coast

Living along the Gulf Coast is one of the most enjoyable lifestyles in America. With full access to fishing, boating, mild weather and absolutely incredible sun rises, the Texas Gulf Coast is one of the most desired places to live.

With all the benefits come a few risks, unfortunately. When the tropics start getting active for Hurricane season, all eyes are on the radar watching for developing systems. Hurricanes and Tropical Storms are no stranger to the Houston Area.

For maximum protection against wind and impact damage from storms, demand the best glass available for your windows. Specify Keep Safe Maximum glass like the windows that All-Tex Home Improvement Services installs all over the Texas Gulf Coast.

Simonton StormBreaker Plus windows are ideal and have the Keep Safe maximum glass required for maximum protection.

Please see these additional points taken from the Keep Safe Maximum site:

With KeepSafe Maximum glass windows and doors, you can help protect your home and family, as well as guard against the destructive effects of hurricanes.

Unlike the glass in conventional window systems, KeepSafe Maximum glass will not shatter and fall from its frame when struck by a projectile, or flying debris. Instead, any glass fragments tend to adhere to KeepSafe Maximum’s unique plastic interlayer.

So even when faced with hurricane-force winds, windows and doors made with KeepSafe Maximum hold together and hang tough. All of which helps protect your home’s integrity, while keeping out damaging winds, rain and flying debris.

Safety with KeepSafe Maximum

The Clear Alternative For Added Safety

The same strength that lets KeepSafe Maximum stand up to hurricanes means greater safety for your home and family year-round.
Whether it’s a misguided ladder or a backyard foul ball, it helps prevent any accidental impact from breaking through, and virtually eliminates hazardous shards of broken glass. Plus, KeepSafe Maximum glass meets all local safety and building codes.

Noise Control With KeepSafe Maximum

The Sound Solution To Unwanted Noise

Unwanted noise from neighbors, airplanes, traffic and construction enter your home and intrude in your life. But the good news is that KeepSafe Maximum can provide the first line of defense against unwanted and irritating noise.

Thanks to its sound-dampening interlayer, KeepSafe Maximum glass helps reduce overall sound transmission. Compared to ordinary glass, it can dramatically cut the noise that penetrates your windows and doors. And that keeps aggravating noise outside the home, while preserving peace and quiet within.

UV Protection with KeepSafe Maximum

Protecting Your Home, Inside & Out

The fact is, the sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause considerable damage and fading to your carpet, artwork, family photographs, and other household furnishings. But KeepSafe Maximum helps protect against harmful rays*.

By filtering out up to 99% of the sun’s most damaging rays, KeepSafe Maximum glass helps reduce glare and protects valuables inside your home. By contrast, conventional glass blocks out less than 5% of the suns most damaging rays.

Residential Security With KeepSafe Maximum

Bringing Safety & Security To Homeowners

KeepSafe Maximum glass stands up to repeated blows from bats, bricks, crowbars, hammers and other common burglary tools. After trying unsuccessfully to break through KeepSafe Maximum glass, would-be intruders move one to easier targets.

Before it bears the KeepSafe Maximum name, windows and door systems must pass a battery of demanding, standardized performance tests which include:

  • ASTM F 1233 Class 1 (measures a window’s ability to resist forced entry)
  • ASTM F 588-85 Grade 10 (measures a window’s assemblies to resist intrusion)
  • ASTM F 588-85 Appendix 2 (measures a window’s ability to resist impacts)
  • ASTM F 842 Grade 10 (measures a sliding glass door’s resistance to forced entry) and
  • ASTM F 476 Grade 10 (measures doors and sidelights resistance to forced entry).

For a more complete description of performance testing and standards, click here.

So, with KeepSafe Maximum glass, your property stays safe and your family stays secure.

In addition, KeepSafe Maximum is much more than the glass itself. It’s a total window system designed for optimum home security. Whether you’re home or away, windows and doors with KeepSafe Maximum glass help protect your home and possessions. And they complement traditional security measures like alarm systems, deadbolt locks and more.

via Laminated Hurricane Glass – Benefits of KeepSafe Maximum® Laminated Glass provided by Solutia.