Garden and Landscape Features

Custom Pergola Design Features and Benefits

  • Add style and dimension to your garden
  • Support vines and other climbing plants
  • Provide a natural, attractive shade cover.
  • Shield an unsightly view OR frame a beautiful focal point
  • Create a cool shady resting place
  • Wood or Aluminum with choices in style and finish

Pergolas and lattice structures are often associated with covered patios. They are regularly built attached to homes and provide shade for a backyard patio accessed through a patio door. A good use but not the only use.

Pergolas make beautiful freestanding structures anywhere in your yard. Posts and columns can be securely anchored in soil so that a concrete slab is not required. Grass and plants can thrive around, under and over the posts, beams and slats which comprise the sturdy formation.

Wooden pergolas and lattice were commonly used in early Renaissance gardens throughout Italy and subsequently spread throughout Europe. Today’s homeowners can choose between these or modern aluminum construction with super-tough factory finishes which drastically reduce painting and maintenance requirements.