3 Styles of Patio Covers Houston Homes Often Have

Choosing a patio cover can be exciting but, at the same time, overwhelming experience for any homeowner. After all, your decision can either improve your home or totally turn off potential buyers. Patio covers are a long-term investment, so you have to consider which styles will really pay off.

Start your search right here. Listed here are the three styles of patio covers Houston homes often have:

  • Full covered patio
    A full covered patio uses a fully insulated roof over posts. Patios with full coverage patio covers are often referred to as enclosed patios.Pros: Can accommodate electrical wiring and additions such as ceiling fans and lighting fixtures. Full coverage patio covers can also protect outdoor furniture from sun and rain.Cons: If you enjoy a bit of sun, a full patio cover shades your entire patio from the sun.
  • Pergola
    Often the traditional choice for many Houston homeowners, pergolas have horizontal slats that provide partial shade from the sun.Pros: Great for gardens. Pergolas allow sunlight but still provide enough shade to save you from nasty sunburns or prevent wilting in delicate flora.Cons: Not recommended for electrical installations. The spaces between the slats can let in rain to soak outdoor furniture and wiring.
  • Adjustable patio covers
    A recent development, adjustable patio covers are designed like pergolas. The difference is that they have mechanisms that let users adjust the angle of the slats or louvers to control the amount of shade or coverage.Pros: Can be used in all kinds of weather. The adjustable slats can provide full coverage when it rains or it’s too sunny, or partial shade when it’s a clear day.Cons:  More expensive than most kinds of patio covers. Depending on the manufacturer or design you choose, adjustable patio covers can cost you more than a pergola but at par or even less than full covers.

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