Vinyl Windows Houston Safety

Safety should always be on the top of your list when choosing vinyl windows Houston installations for a home improvement project. Don’t let the safety of your home be compromised by the replacement window you choose. Consider these tips when shopping around for new windows.

Windows Construction

Choose windows that feature safety glass, especially if you have toddlers in the house. Windows with tempered glass do not shatter into tiny, loose glass shards on impact.

UV Protection

Check if a window has enough UV protection. Ultra violet is not only harmful to humans, it can also damage upholstery, wood, and antique furniture. A good contractor should be able to provide you with recommendations of windows with Low-E glass.

Choosing windows with UV protection also presents you with energy saving alternatives. Check for a windows NFRC rating for a detailed description of the energy efficiency of a window. You can check out this article about windows and NFRC ratings for more information.


Windows are primarily designed to provide ventilation. However, leaving your windows wide open can be a risk for children and pets. Choose a window that has ventilation locks that prevent children and pets from getting through open windows.

Better yet, ask your contractor about getting double hung windows. This type of window has a bottom sash that stays closed even if you decide to open the top sash. Perfect for children’s rooms and second-floor windows.

Theft Protection

A huge percentage of domestic break-ins are done via the windows. Keep your mind at ease by checking a window’s security features. Go for windows with multi-point locks for top protection. However, also make sure that the window unlocks easily from the inside in the event of fires.


To ensure proper installations, make sure you hire contractors who specialize in vinyl windows Houston installation. For top notch window installations, replacement, and repairs, you can bet that All-Tex Home Improvements has got your back. Call today for a free estimate and on-site assessments.