Common Ventilation Systems Roofing Companies In Houston Offer

If there is one situation that homeowners need to avoid, it would be having excess heat and moisture trapped in the attic.  This usually arises from improper or nonexistent roof ventilation.  It can also give way to a variety of problems that can pose serious risks to the integrity of your roof system and adjacent house structures.

So, a roofing company Houston homeowners can trust is one that makes sure that the right roof ventilation system is in place when doing any type of roof project.  Here are some of the most common roof ventilation systems Houston roofing companies install:

Gable Vents.  Usually found in olderHouston homes, gable vents are positioned in a house’s gable sides.  These vents allow the air in the attic to enter and go out from one side to the other.  However, a gable vent system is quite outdated and does not have the same efficiency as the newer roof ventilation systems.

Roof Vents And Fans.  This system usually works well when the lower intake vents are partnered with the right number of roof vents.  However, you need an experienced contractor to determine the right balance in order for the system to be efficient. Unfortunately, this kind of ventilation system also provides entrances for rodents and insects, too.

Ridge Vents.  The ridge vents system, used together with soffit vents, is considered the most efficient ventilation system by far.  In this system, fresh air is drawn in through the soffit vents while the hot air inside the attic gets out through the ridge vents.  The use of ridge vents and soffit vents is quite a popular choice among Houston homeowners who want to avoid trapped heat and moisture in their attics, especially during the humid and hot Houston summers.

To find out the perfect roof ventilation system for your home, ask the advice of experienced roofing professionals.  If you want a comprehensive and honest assessment of your roof ventilation needs, fill out our online form on or call (281) 358-2553 to arrange for our roofing specialist to conduct onsite inspection, free of charge.