Four Questions You Have Always Wanted To Ask Replacement Windows Houston Contractors

Professionals speak up on window replacement, materials, and air leaks.

My windows look just fine. Do I really need to have them replaced?

While they may seem perfectly fine, windows inevitably weaken over time as they are constantly exposed to extreme heat, strong winds, rain, and humidity. If your windows are more than 20 years old, you may already need to have a replacement windows Houston contractor look at them.

Aside from imparting a new look to your home, here are just some of the benefits of having your windows replaced:

Increased market valuation – Boost the real estate value of your home. Brand new windows can drastically enhance the appearance of your home, instantly turning it into a prime property. You’ll have buyers lining up in no time.

Energy-efficiency – Most replacement windows Houston contractors install are energy-efficient. Energy-efficient windows help reduce the amount of energy you spend on cooling and heating by preventing the transference of temperature from either side of the window.

Improved comfort – Most modern windows are created to keep moisture away and the interior ambient temperature at a constant. You and your family stay pleasantly warm during the cold months and comfortably cool throughout the summer.

My old windows cannot keep out drafts and air leaks. Can modern window replacement Houston do this?

Air leakage can be caused by low-quality window materials or inadequate workmanship. An excellent replacement window Houston contractor understands the importance of high-quality materials. Likewise, they possess the skills needed to handle these high-end materials.

With an untrustworthy company, even the most expensive energy-efficient windows will be just as vulnerable to drafts and air leaks. All things considered, it all boils down to quality materials coupled with professional workmanship.

How is it possible that heat can penetrate a well-insulated window?

There are a number of plausible reasons that can explain the transference of heat on windows. However, two forces are behind every instance:

Convection takes place when the heat from the atmosphere is transferred to the windows. The warm air on the other side of the window is absorbed inside the house due to the decrease in the air pressure on the reverse side.

Radiation, conversely, is simply the warmth transmitted through the sun’s rays. An energy-efficient window can filter much of the heat that accompanies the beam without hindering the light carried by the beam itself. Make certain that the glass on the replacement window Houston is rated low-E or low emissivity. These particular glass panes can actually help filter out heat, harmful UV, and infrared light from the sun.

How would I know if the window I am getting is energy-efficient?

Much of the time, the temperature of a house is lost through the windows. This is also the reason for high cooling or heating expenses. Truth be told, even though energy-efficient windows cost more than standard ones, they pay for themselves in terms of monthly electricity savings.

Power efficient windows feature an Energy Star Seal. Energy Star is a government-supported organization that tests, rates, and provides accreditation for energy-efficient products. Ask your replacement windows Houston contractor if they’re accredited to perform cost effective windows replacement jobs. A majority of Energy Star-certified windows have to be installed according to specific guidelines before they can produce significant results.

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