Energy-efficient Replacement Windows Houston Projects Explained

Replacement windows Houston contractors will agree that not all energy-efficient windows are created equally. But how do you choose the best type of energy-efficient window for your home?

Natural Light and Location

Aside from the climate, you have to consider the orientation of your home when choosing energy-efficient windows.

Windows facing the south receive the most amount of solar heat during winter. Meanwhile, windows facing east and west receive the most amount of sunlight during summer. This makes them vulnerable to solar heat gain. Solar heat gain takes place when heat is transmitted inside your home by rays of sunlight, increasing the ambient temperature of a room or any living space.

Windows facing east and west are also the most likely candidates for an energy-efficient replacement as they absorb the most amount of unnecessary heat.

But no matter which direction a window is facing, it is still vulnerable to solar heat reflected off of other surfaces, especially during summer. Thus, it is important to have windows rated to reduce the effects of solar heat gain.

Your windows replacement Houston contractors should be able to provide recommendations for which windows should have more protection from solar heat gain.


Energy-efficient windows directly affect the way cooling and heating units consume energy. In fact, you can opt for a smaller heating or cooling system if you have energy-efficient windows and still be as comfortable as you would if you had a bigger system. Because temperature loss is greatly decreased with energy-efficient windows, the peak heating and cooling loads are reduced.

Ask your contractor to help you compute for the right levels of U-factors and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient for energy-efficient windows.


You should likewise consider your habits and the general design of your home. There is no use in employing energy-efficient windows if other parts of your home, such as the roof and ventilation system, are faulty. Likewise, a contractor would prescribe a different window scheme for a home that has more windows than one with less.

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