How a Roofing Company can Boost Your Home’s Resale Value?

Are you thinking of selling your home? Or are you wondering why your home isn’t selling despite being listed for months? Unfortunately for many homeowners, a lot forget to pay attention to their roofs. This is a big mistake because the roofing structure is easily one of the most visible sections of the house from the curb. It’s also one the factors that can affect how well your home sells and its market value. Here are roofing tips to get maximum resale value:


  • Clean roofing structures equate to well-maintained homes in buyers’ mind.

Roofing experts also share this insider tip: Homebuyers usually equate a well-maintained roof to a property in great condition so homeowners can get a decent offer for their homes. Roofs do not really increase a home’s market value. Rather, a clean roof will keep a home’s value from decreasing and protecting it from accelerated devaluation. For homeowners who cannot really afford a new roof, a clean-looking roof can go a long way in enhancing a home’s curb appeal and price tag.


  • Minor repairs can help a home pass inspection.

Homebuyers today are smart. Most often hire a home inspector to assess and evaluate homes they are interested in prior to negotiating an offer. Roofing experts share that the roof is one of most homebuyers’ concerns. Most want a roof they would not worry about repairing or replacing for at least five to 10 years.  If a roof replacement is out of the question, roofing experts reveal that a few minor repairs may be all that’s needed to get a home’s roof in top condition – as long as the roof has been maintained regularly.


  • Consider a roof re-cover.

For homeowners with some money to spare, many roofing experts recommend getting a roof re-cover.  This will entail placing new shingles over the old roof. However, homeowners should keep in mind that this is only applicable for roofs in relatively good condition.


Realtors and home improvement experts alike advise homeowners to hire an experienced and professional roofing company in Houston to do these jobs for their roofing structures. Most insurance companies, roofing manufacturers, and inspectors look in favor at professionally executed roofing work. Professional work also increases a home’s chance of getting the most resale value possible for its age and condition. Want to have your roof inspected, checked, repaired or replaced? Call us today to get started.


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