Siding Houston TX Homes? Keep Out the Termites!

Experts warn that 20 out of the 50 termite species in the United States cause structural damage. What’s scary about termites is that they usually establish colonies in parts of the home that normally evade inspection.

Any contractor siding Houston TX homes knows for a fact that these pests require only one-eighth of an inch of opening to enter a wall. Without your knowledge, they might already be feeding on your siding or using it as a passageway to your interiors!

Here are a few tips to keep your property a less inviting place for termites:

  • Replace your wood siding with a more termite-resistant material. Termites feast on the cellulose in wood, but they can also create tunnels in masonry. Deprive them of their natural diet by installing vinyl or fiber cement siding instead.
  • Prevent moisture retention. Moist areas are ideal for termites to breed. Make sure your house can shed water efficiently during rainfall. Also consider clearing your yard of debris and trimming plants and vines so that they do not touch the siding and trap moisture.
  • Have your soil treated every five years. Though it does not kill the pests or destroy their colonies, the treatment creates a barrier that makes it harder for termites to make their way into your yard and house. An alternative use of soil treatment is to lure termites away from your home and toward a spot where they can be exterminated.

For best results, don’t just pick one tip or two. Apply all.

Hardiplank can resist termite and moisture, so when you have fiber cement siding fortifying your exterior, you actually hit two birds with one stone!

Call us today at (281) 358-2553 to find out how our hardiplank siding Houston TX option can solve your termite and moisture retention problems in one go.