Why Switch to Vinyl Windows for Your Houston Home?

Just because wooden windows are popular in town doesn’t mean that they are the best find for your home. In fact, when you live in Texas, there’s one obvious reason that you would want to give wood a pass: termites.

The green vinyl windows Houston contractors install might be a better option, you see. Enumerated below are a couple of good reasons that your household should make the switch.

  • You’re working on a limited budget. Vinyl is more affordable than wood. Additionally, since plastic frames are inherently good insulators, they complement insulated glass panes perfectly without requiring add-on costs for thermal breakers. You will be able to curb your energy consumption and lower your utility bills.
  • You’re too busy to worry about periodic touch-ups. Paint will eventually peel, and wood will require follow-up treatment against termites. In contrast, since colors are molded in vinyl, there’s no need to repaint them. Vinyl is also termite-resistant, rot-resistant, and easy to clean.
  • You’re big on versatility. If your home requires windows that come in odd shapes, sizes, and patterns, no other material can fit the bill as well as vinyl. In fact, manufacturers are able to custom-design units so that vinyl surfaces mimic wood finishes and other materials.

Are you eyeing to replace worn-out wood with vinyl? You’ve made the right choice, and our crew can help. Here at All-Tex Home Improvement Services, we take pride in installing the exclusive Southern Legacy elite windows to your satisfaction: high-quality, sturdy, and energy-efficient.

Even better, all of our window replacement projects come with two unbeatable warranties from award-winning manufacturer Simonton itself. Your Houston vinyl windows are covered for a lifetime against defects and glass breakage! Interested? Call us today for a free quote or fill out or online form so we can get back to you soonest.